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Nightmare snatcher

My name's suposed to be sarcasticweather with the r but that's too many characters :P (it's from a Panic! song- "the weather's slightly sarcastic.." So yeah :D)
Hmmm me, well I love music, to the extent that I'm obssessed with it :D I enjoy singing, and am in a band which is cool :D
Well I'm kinda strange :)))))) but you don't really notice until you get to know me, and by then it's too late MWOOOOHAHAHA! yeah so.. oh and I write slash, mainly bandslash (but I'm writing more youtube slash now). So if that's something you're not into or are completely against then don't go any further. So yeah that's me, hi! If you wanna get to know me just send me a message :)
Sarah out.