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The Clock Spins, You Spin Into Me

Title: The Clock Spins, You Spin Into Me
Author sarcasticweathe

Rating: PG
Pairing Ziam (Zayn/Liam)

Warning Genderswap
POV Third, Zayn(ah)'s
Summary: Tick tock we dance to the beat.
Disclaimer: Well two guys are magically now girls, but in case you didn't guess, none of this is real.
Author's Note: The title’s from October Fall’s Tongue Tied. Short and sweet, I haven't managed to finish a fic in a while so.. yay I guess..

I knew that I would never be the sameCollapse )

Truth is fiction
Jack's Mannequin
Please stop, whatever you're doing, however you're doing it, just stop. Okay, it's gone on long enough, you've proved your point now.
Please stop, it's starting to hurt me and I know that wasn't your intention. Okay, I hope that wasn't your intention.
Please stop, I can't pass it off as a joke any more, I can't keep smiling through the pain. There's too much pain.
Please stop, it's too much, I can't take it. Whatever I did, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'll make it up, I promise just...

I can't, I can't keep pretending this isn't happening.
I can't keep up this act that you, the world, myself, expect me to play, to hide behind.
I can't play this stupid game any more, this game without rules, without a winner, only a loser, me.
I can't keep letting myself get hurt like this, hurt by you...

It hurts, the way you act around me, the way you make me act around you.
It hurts, more than you can imagine.
It hurts, you're hurting me.
It hurts, that you're hurting me...

Please stop pretending, I can't keep pretending, it hurts to keep pretending...
That we're not in love.

So. Many. Projects!
This post is mainly just to show I'm still alive, and writing.
I have about five projects on the go, well technically three as I haven't started writing two, but I have intentions to!
They are:
  • The Magpie one (I will name it at some date)- that is based off the Magpie Poem (One for sorrow, two for joy etc)
  • I'll Make A Bet That Says We Don't Leave This Place As Friends- A Kickthestickz break up fic.
  • To See If I Can Catch A Dream- A Kickthestickz (main) and Phan (side) that's all a bit weird and magical (but not..)
  • Hopelessly Hopeful- A fic I'm co-writing about our friends.. (yup actual real people.. or atleast it was supposed to be until people started adding famous people for them to be paired with! /rant) it's based on Emma (by Jane Austen).
  • Not even named yet- I was talking to someone (literally two minutes ago) and now I'm planning on writing a Phan from Phil's POV with all the crackyness and lesbians weirdness EVER!

Fun fact: I stopped during the middle of writing this to stare at what I believe was a young pigeon.
Thst should show you how long these fics are going to take ;)
Sarah out.

I'm Suppposed To Love You

Title: I'm Suppposed To Love You
Author: sarcasticweathe
Pairings: Phan (Phil/Dan)
Warnings: Mild swearing
POV: Third, Phil's
Summary: A week without Dan is worryingly similar to a Fall Out Boy song.

Disclaimer: Fake! I don't own either of these boys yet. And fall out boy own the song and its lyrics. But, I do own Katie and the words so.. :)
Author's Note: This is a song fic based on Fall out boy's G.I.N.A.S.F.S. My first Phanfic so yay!

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And The Desperate Search Began (I Just Knew I'd Find You Here)

Title: And The Desperate Search Began (I Just Knew I'd Find You Here)
Rating: Pg
Pairings: Good question erm I 'spose Ryan/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon and Ryan/Jon (I dunno you decide :P)
Warnings: Abandoment and selective mutism I guess. Oh and Panic divorce is mentioned (does that even need to be a warning?)
POV: 3rd but following Ryan's story
Summary: The story of Ryan's search for his voice.
Disclaimer: Fictional, fake, fun. I have done no research what so ever so..
Author's Note: I've been strangely hesitant to type this up, but here goes :) Title's from The Hush Sound's "Lion's Roar"

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Writer's Block: Happy New Year!
Hmm I don't usually have one 'cause I don't see the point, but this year I'm going to try and have a happier outlook on life and just stop caring so much about what people think about me. So wish me luck :P
Happy New Year!

Chapter 5

Title:  There's A Good Reason This Fic's Another Rydon Honey, I Just Haven't Made it Up Yet or Just another day at FBR highschool.
Rating: (PG/15)
Pairings: Rydon (yes shock horror!), Peterick, Gabilliam, Joncer
Warnings: It's a Rydon highschool fic, so hints of abuse (at some point), bit of angst and my strange writing :D Oh and as always, my sailor mouth ;)
POV: 1st Ryan
Summary: Meet Ryan, your typical angsting, uncool, artistic, student (at Fueled By Ramen highschool) with a few secrets, and his opposite Brendon, the coolest kid in the school, the perfect mormon you know the guy every girl wants to be with and every guy wants to be. Oh and their cool friends :)
Disclaimer: If this was real, I'd still be running around excitedly screaming and since I'm sitting in the computer room typing this up, clearly it's not. I don't own the people, the title's from Panic! At The Disco's There's  A Good Reason (Y'know the rest, it's too long)
Author's Note: I'm English, so it's all in English spelling, so yeah I spell realise with an S you stupid Lj!  -_- Sorry It's been while, again.. :/

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And In The Drunk Tank

Title: And In The Drunk Tank (S/A)
Rating: Um.. Pg-15
Pairings: Mainly Ryden (with Gabilliam, Peterick, Joncer, Nalex, Joe/Andy, Sisky/Butcher, VickyT/Ryland) Well it is christmas :)
Warnings: Hints of drunkeness and abuse, casual use of (recreational) drugs
POV: 1st Ryan
Summary: Ryan never had a real Christmas, he always envied those on the TV. Brendon doesn't like this fact.
Disclaimer: Where to begin.. this doesn't take into account their girlfriends/wives or well.. reality :P
Author's Note: Because Christmas needs some sad!Ryan childhood :) The title's from Fairytale of New York.

You bite your nails at the thought of that.Collapse )

Through weaving crowds and dancing lights you catch my eye

Title: Through weaving crowds and dancing lights you catch my eye (S/A)
Rating: PG
Pairings: Nalex
Warnings: None
POV: 1st, Nate
Summary: When Nate goes to the fair with his friend Alex, and Alex's other friends, he doesn't know what to expect, but he sure doesn't expect.. this :)
Disclaimer: Contrary to all our wishes, it's fake :/
Author's Note: Inspired (ALOT) by my trip to the german christmas market with my friends, and the layout is pretty much the same as well.

The flame burned out, but it glowsCollapse )


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