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What do parma violets taste like?

Title:  What do Parma violets taste like?
Author:  sarcasticweathe
Rating: Pg
Pairings: Rydon
Warnings: Hehe fluff? It's very tame.
POV: 1st Ryan (what, you were expecting something other than that? Foolish fool)
Summary: Hey Ry! What’s your favourite sweetie??????? The text's from Brendon. Of course. Now that may seem like an innocent question, but it's Urie, nothing is innocent where Urie's concerned.
Disclaimer: What is true? Everything this isn't, is the short answer ;)
Author's Note: Two things to note: One, I’m English so yeah I call candy, sweeties/sweets and two, parma violets are these amazing sweets that are my faves so yeah, that’s all.

My sidekick vibrates violently on the edge of the desk before surrendering to the pull of gravity and collapses on the floor.

Hey Ry! What’s your favourite sweetie???????

The text's from Brendon. Of course.
Now that may seem like an innocent question, but it's Urie, nothing is innocent where Urie's concerned.

Firstly, why? 'Cause if this is another attempt to smother me into being a 'sweeter, less sarcastic person' then it won't work, and will most likely just give me a fatal case of death, which my parents might be a bit annoyed about.
What death can be fatal!? Oh crap that makes things awkward.. anywho no I just want to know :) You know all my favourites sweeties!
Yeah course death.. wait what things!? And what all 5687749 of them?
Erm.. forget I said anything. And exactly, you know about how I love all of those sweets, yet all I ask is you tell me your (one) favourite sweet. So really you'll still be at an advantage!
I always try, but never succeed. And how does that even work?
'Cause I'm cute. Now answer!

He's got me there.

Erm.. I dunno, parma violets I guess.

And that was the last I heard of it. Until halloween.

"I don't get how you can justify going round to strangers house and demanding sweets. Everyother day of the year we're told not to accept sweets from strangers, except on the 31st of October, where we get kicked out of our own houses, dressed in cheap and pathetic attempts at scary costumes and sent to annoy the neighbours 'til they bribe us away with sweets or money" I rant to a barely attentive Brendon.
Well I can't judge him, he has got a massive bag of sweets, barely attentive is pretty impressive for him at the best of times.
"Hmm.. yeaaaaah but, look.. what.. I've got.. somewhere" He replies searching around in his bag.
"..take your time" I mutter sarcastically
"Here!" He cries proudly holding out a packet of wrapped up purple discs.
"Are those.. parma violets?"
"Yeah, you wouldn't believe how long it took me to find those, I tried 'candies', that sweet shop opposite, the shop next to Spencer's, that other one I've been banned from, well I sent my sister in to try there as they have a pretty good memory! and then I tried.. well you get the idea. So.. did I chose the right ones, I mean are they alright?" He finishes, looking aprehensive.
"They're amazing thank you!" I scream hugging him. "I haven't had these since we went to England."

I was devouring- what they're incredible?- my last parma violet when we, well Brendon, decided to give up trick or treating and retire to the grass in the front garden.
"Yeah?" I ask lazily
"What do parma violets taste like?"
"..Erm, if you asked a few.."
"Oh no it's okay.. describe them"
"Well they're quite hard to, I dunno what to compare them to"
Then I had either the single most greatest idea or the most stupid, suicidal thought ever to pass through my stupid, genius mind.
"But.. I could show you" I murmer before flipping on to him and slipping my tounge into his mouth.
After I ended the kiss I carefully watched Brendon's expression for any signs.
"Ryyyy" He whinned "So what do parma violets taste like?"

And I love this boy

Happy Halloween, and thanks for reading this.
Oh and This is what parma violets look like.


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